Rock Garden Pottery has been offering high-quality pottery, handmade ceramic vases, pots, and other creations to the public for over two decades. Pottery is an ancient craft of creating beautiful pieces using clay. The different types of pottery that are commonly created include earthenware, porcelain and stoneware.  Technically, the art of creating any fired ceramic wares that consist of clay is called pottery.

The clay that is used to form these shapes are very moldable, enabling the potter to manipulate it into different shapes and sizes. Once the potter is satisfied with the molded clay, it is placed in a kiln to be heated to a very high temperature.  This helps remove all the water content in the clay and makes it stronger and harder as well as retain the shape it was molded into.  Clay pots can be decorated either before placing in the kiln after removing it from the kiln. Interestingly, before molding into any shape, the clay needs to undergo a thorough kneading process to make sure that the moisture content is evenly distributed throughout the body. If there is any air trapped within the clay, this also needs to be removed. It is usually done with the help of a vacuum plug or by wedging.  After the clay has been properly kneaded and de-aired, it is shaped into a pretty shape and placed in the kiln for the magic to work.

Rock Garden Pottery has been creating beautiful ceramic pieces that are popular for their functionality and beauty. The potters at Rock Garden Pottery try to find the right balance between the beauty and design to offer the very best to the customers. We at Rock Garden Pottery believe in a hundred percent customer satisfaction. We will replace any pottery or ceramic piece within seven days of sale, if you find it chipped or defective in any manner.  Rock Garden Pottery also holds pottery sessions for your kids and adults to introduce them to the calm world of pottery. We use the traditional potter’s wheel in our classes so that you get to indulge in the ritual of making pots in the olden days.

Our potters’ work on electric-powered potter’s wheel to create pieces faster and better. However, you need to have considerable experience to mold the clay to perfect shapes. Our potters have years of experience in creating beautiful works of art out of clay. Besides using their hands to shape the clay, they also use tools like anvils, paddles and ribs to create specific patterns. Even knives, wires and fluting tools are used to create interesting designs of shapes.  At Rock Garden Pottery, we have the latest mechanisms and tools to create unique pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. In case you are looking for some antique pottery designs, we have a special collection of antique designs which are inspired by the ancient civilizations.

Rock Garden Pottery also specializes in decorating ceramic pots wit patterns that are unique in their style. In case you have a specific design or a pot that you are looking for, our potters will be more than happy to custom design a piece as per your request. Drop in today to lose yourself in the mystical world of pottery.